About Us

The story of the Angelus Pacific Co. is a virtual history of the famous college and university mascots that are popular all across America.

The Angelus Pacific Co. was established in 1932 by Hugh C. Waddel Jr. He started the business manufacturing imprinted tire covers. New trends in Detroit put the spare tire inside the trunk and with this created a need for change at Angelus.

Hugh Waddell was very active in the college industry and one of the first members of NACS ("National Association of College Stores") He served two terms as an associate member of the NACS Board of Trustees in 1966 and 1969.

Bookstore managers across the nation worked with Waddell and his lead artist, Arthur Evans, to design and create original mascots that would continue to represent the colleges and universities for decals. Among these classics are the USC Tough Tommy Trojan, Purdue Boilermaker, Auburn Comic Tiger, Florida State Comic Seminole, University of Florida gator, University of Mississippi Colonel, Mississippi State Bulldog, University of Oklahoma Cowboy, Oregon State Beaver and many, many more. The millions of dollars worth of imprinted merchandise these mascots continue to generate are the hallmark of Angelus creativity.

In 1963 the founder's son, Stanton W. Waddell, left his career in Naval Aviation to carry on the family business. He modernized the Angelus screen printing plant with high speed cylinder presses, automatic guillotine cutters, and a computer system which he custom-programmed to manage the business functions of the company.

After thirty years as President, Stanton Waddell turned leadership of the company to his son Timothy H. Waddell. He began at Angelus at age 15 and was trained at each position the company offered. In addition he graduated from Cal State University of Fullerton with a B.S. in Business Management.

Today, a staff of loyal, skilled employees along with a modern printing plant assures that Angelus Products and Top Quality remain synonymous.